Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Fishing Report: Good Bye, Funny Lake

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This was my last trip to this lake, unless I come back with the boys sometime. My favorite lake--I'm tempted to say the real lake--opens this weekend.
This place has its beautiful sights this time of year, but rising trout isn't one of them.
I have to admit, it smells better here than at my favorite lake. Those apple trees across the road are in bloom and when the breeze is right their perfume wafts across the lake. Hey, look! A muskrat!
I did catch things today. Just not trout. I had seen some mayflies drifting around, so I suspended a Pheasant Tail nymph from an indicator and let it drift. These guys really liked it.
Oh, and I caught a muskrat. (See previous two entries.)
And I got a better shot of the Red Necked Grebes.
Then I actually saw some trout working the surface out in the middle of the lake. I think they were trout.
So I paddled over and tried the nymph rig, without luck. So I stripped in, took off the indicator, clipped off the nymph and tied on an emerger and greased it to float, and was ready to cast...when a wind came out of nowhere and ruffled the surface. The trout quit rising. The wind quit. The trout didn't come back up.
Oh well. Good bye, funny lake. Hey, look! A muskrat!

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