Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Fishing Report: A Little Rainbow

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No sooner had I made my plans for Friday than life's complications stepped in and cancelled them. So I stole some time again today. I was still watching the clock, but I had more hours than on Tuesday.
Watch, tomorrow will be calm and beautiful. Today was windy as hell.
I had almost decided to bring the canoe today instead of the float tube. That would have been the wrong move. I continue to be impressed with the float tube in these conditions. You can go wherever you want to go without too much extra effort.
It makes for a fun ride when you're bobbing over swells like these.
I worked a variety of flies--leeches, soft hackles, and Chironimids mostly.
And I caught this pretty little rainbow, the first trout of the season.
Now the season is officially inaugurated.

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