Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Cranks It Up

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You're looking at 80 degrees in the valley according to our deck thermometer. In the shade.
Feels real, real good. I notice that the dogs are drowsing in the shade instead of the sun. Must be hot in their dark coats.
I've got the windows open and for the first time in months I can't detect any dog smell in the house.
So, perfect early season fishing weather, and the truck's down again. It has also been a busy week, which has meant coordinating transportation for multiple persons to multiple activities in different locations with one vehicle.
But tonight I plan to load up the van with canoe and equipment and in the morning I'll take the family to school. That means I'll have all morning and early afternoon for a trip to the lake.
Let's see if the trout are cranking it up.

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