Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday Fishing Report: A Modest Proposal

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Once more into the breech.
My secret weapon this time was a handful of Micro Leeches tied up the other night. If they work for Brian Chan in BC I thought they might do the trick here.
But the lake was dead. No discernible fish activity at all. But, implacable as ancient stone, I stuck with the leeches.
The only thing moving in the water were mushrats, many, many mushrats. My proposal is this: an open season on mushrats on the fly. I bet I could hook a lot with a heavy streamer and a well-placed cast.
I suppose they'd bite while you were trying to remove the hook, so catch and release would be tricky. Better to have a liberal limit, say five or ten. Then you could bless them with a priest before hauling them into the canoe.
That would be great sport while waiting for the trout to wake up. And I could make some nice fly wallets out of the pelts, something to hold my Micro Leeches in.

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