Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Hopes Eternal

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No, I didn't go back to the river yesterday. I decided to close the book on the river for now and get ready for some lake fishing.
One of our local trout lakes opened today, and since my work took me up in that vicinity I drove over to see what was happening. There were little RV towns in the two camping areas, people lined up along the banks, and boats waking up the lake. There was also a DNR officer making the rounds. The old license expired yesterday, the lake opened today--I bet he wrote a few tickets for expired licenses.
I drove way down to the west end of the lake where I plan to launch my canoe as soon as schedule permits. It looked good.
I fished here last Spring and had a great time. This end tends to be somewhat wind-sheltered, and boats seldom bother coming all the way down here. But there are trout in there.
So I stopped on the way home and got my new license. I'll put the 6 weight away and limber up the 4 weight, and take all the Steelhead fly boxes out of my vest and put the nymph and caddis and mayfly boxes back in, and tie up a nice, long, light leader.
Then I'll go sit out there in the sun and maybe start with a tiny nymph suspended under an indicator and just see what's what.
That sounds so good.

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