Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Rest My Case

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Hook Up!

Look At 'im Run!!

Disclaimer: No muskrat was harmed during the making of these photos. Depicted muskrat swam across line and entangled self on strike indicator of own free will. While hook was affixed to line, hook did not penetrate any portion of depicted muskrat. At no time did depicted muskrat leave water. A muskrat is too precious to be caught only once; practice catch and release. Professional muskrat on closed course. Do not attempt. Take only as directed; do not exceed recommended dosage. While rare, some side effects may occur. They include but are not limited to: spitting when you talk; talking when you spit; the belief that your name is Wanda, or, if your name is Wanda, that it's Earl; spontaneous wedgies; the desire to cook and eat yourself; oral flatulence; spontaneous screaming; an irrational fear of Viking hats; an erection lasting more than four hours, unless you're a woman, in which case it will last for multiple times; thoughts of thoughts; spontaneous combustion; hair loss; skin loss; limb loss; head loss; a horrible, painful death; the end of life as we know it.

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