Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Late For the Opener

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The lake I like best has been open since Saturday, but events have conspired to keep me away so far. I was all set to be on the water today until finding out from Jeremiah early this morning that he had his first baseball game this afternoon.
So I postponed the fishing, yet again, and tied a handful of flies instead. Chironimids, more or less.

In the morning I'll head up to the lake and try them out, along with the Micro Leeches I tied last week. I've decided to go ahead and take the float tube instead of the canoe. Today was calm, mild, and overcast, but dry. Seemed like perfect fishing weather. Tomorrow is to be cool and wet. Probably with a wind kicking up its heels. Maybe that will turn out to be perfect. I'll let you know.

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