Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fly Tying: A Muddler Wet for Rocky Ford

Muddler Wet

Hook: dry fly #10 4X long
Thread: Black
Tail: black marabou
Body: pheasant tail
Rib: copper wire
Underwing: cream marabou
Overwing: black marabou
Head and Collar: natural deer hair

Next time I'll include a pinch of flashabou over the wing.
I used to fish this version more frequently. The Rocky Ford Rainbows
haven't seen this one from me in some time, if at all. I keep the head
round (sometimes smaller than pictured) and the collar long. I fish it ungreased
and strip it briskly through or just under the surface film, giving the marabou
plenty of action. I've had good days with this fly at Trout Lake
and have a good feeling about it for Rocky Ford.


  1. Jim, I'm going to tie a few and fish them next time out.

    A request. That video you did of fishing with a cut willow branch on a small stream. Where can I view that?

    1. I caught a couple on it today. In small sizes really sparse I can see that doing well with your brookies. I've used similar flies at Brookie Lake with success. Here is a link to the post you asked about: Or you can go to the list of tags on my home page and find "mountain trout" and click on that. Or then again you can go to Youtube and search "Jim Yaussy Albright Mountain Trout."