Friday, February 5, 2016

Fly Tying: Rocky Ford Dries

The weather at Rocky Ford today is to be 45 degrees and sunny. I plan to be there. I tied up two more patterns to add to my arsenal. I'm hoping that warmish weather will inspire some dry fly action.

Lady McConnell
Hook: dry fly standard #14
Thread: black
Tail: white antron, sparse, overlaid with grizzly hackle tip
Body: golden brown ice dub
Shellback: natural deerhair
Hackle: grizzly

This is usually tied small, #16 to 20, but I find that
the Rocky Ford Rainbows are not overly finicky when it comes to size.
I also have some #18 griffith's gnats if I need to go smaller.

Pale Yellow Stimulator
Hook: dry fly humped shank 2X long #10
Thread: black
Tail and Wing: natural deerhair
Body: pale yellow dubbing; brown hackle, palmered
Hackle: brown

I tied this one small, but, as is the way with stimulators,
a variety of sizes work in various situations. This one imitates
the little stimulator that prompted a dead drift take on my last trip
by the best fish I've caught at Rocky Ford this year.


  1. I have to buy flies like a stimulator. My fingers are too fat to tie them.

  2. Nice flies Jim.
    Warm here yesterday but the brookies were still tentative abut taking on the surface.

  3. Very nice. Like the Lady McConnell a lot. Nicely tied and imaged.