Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Polar Night

Wow. Put another log on the fire and enter the Polar night.

Polar Night from Jan R Olsen on Vimeo.
Every year in late November, above the Arctic Circle at 70˚ North, the sun disappears below the horizon and it does not reappear for almost two months
This period is called Polar Night. But even if the sun is gone, it is not totally dark. There is always some light during the day. Sometimes this light can be amazing, and you have to be there to understand how beautiful, strong and colorful it can be. But there are also days where the light is grey and colorless.
This is my first time-lapse project. As a still photographer I needed a new challenge. Since I live above the Polar Circle in Northern Norway, I chose Polar Night as my theme. My goal was to show the beauty of the light in this period.
Taking around 80 000 images in total, I used around 25 000 images for this project in addition to the two minutes of film clips. All footage are shoot locally in the Lyngen Fjord area not more than 50 km from my home. I did this in the period of November and December 2015 and January 2016.
The soundtrack is "Immanuel" by Tony Anderson, licensed from the Music Bed.

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