Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rocky Ford Creek Report: The Good Rig

The sun gets you out and down the road. It's a good day to stand on a bank.

There's a springy breeze swirling around, and fish are moving.

You're trying something different today. You've brought your good photography rig and set up your DSLR for some video.

You're confident as you get a bump on a muddler on the first cast. Then a pattern sets in: you get hits but you miss them. This goes on for hours.

You check the video again. The battery is dead. That's that.

You go back to fishing and promptly land the first fish of the day. It's a jumper. That would have looked good on camera.

You dig in your camera bag to see if you have a spare battery. You find one. You set up the shot, get the camera rolling, and promptly catch a second fish. Hot dog.

You check the camera to make sure you got the shot. The camera says, "Card full." And you didn't get the shot. You have 32 gigs of hits and misses.

Are you sure this is how Todd Moen got started?

You fish into evening. Even with the camera off, you miss more hits. At dusk you throw a mouse for awhile then call it a day. You have a lot to think about before the next trip. But at least you caught a couple.

On the way home you see the full moon and Jupiter rising over Coulee City. There's a turn off that gives you a perfect view. You pull out the DSLR and the tripod, switch out the memory card with the card from the point-and-shoot, and get some nice shots.

You're glad you brought the good rig after all.

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