Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Undisturbed Places

Another time lapse gem, this time from locations in Africa.

Undisturbed Places - A Timelapse Film from Maciej Tomków on Vimeo.
There are places in the world where stars are the only source of light. Their singularity is breathtaking, inclines to reflection and becomes the root of inspiration. Places like that are usually unspoiled, natural and intact. These are the places where humans live in symbiosis with nature.
Namibia is one of the few places on Earth with the lowest light pollution. There are national parks there where the light pollution is reduced to zero. That’s why it has become a hotspot for astronomy photographers like myself.
"Undisturbed Places" is a project made in Namibia and Botswana during Namib & Kalahari Desert Astroexpedition, organized by Safra-Go. Taking part in a month-long journey, I was able to collect 2TB of timelapse footage. What you are about to watch is a selection of the most beautiful locations I was able to film.

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  1. Wow. Awe-inspiring. Night sky shots are my favorites.