Monday, May 24, 2010

Cutthroat Lake

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I guess I won't call this a "fishing report." It's more an update to say that I keep checking on the Lahontans at Cutthroat Lake. That requires throwing them a few flies to see if they've decided to eat yet, but it hasn't really been "fishing."
Once they start eating I'll mount a regular expedition.
Still, I enjoy being there, and bank fishing has a soothing charm all its own.
It's also beautiful up there. These are images from two recent trips. One was over the Noon hour, and I had to dodge roaming rainshowers. The other was in the shank of the evening when only the swallows were eating.
If you're into these kinds of things you may want to check out the third photo. The swallows were feasting on swarms of big midges along the shoreline, and you can see both swallows and midges silhouetted against the evening sky. Cool.

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