Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday Fishing Report: Flippers On, Flippers Off

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It was flippers on for another morning and early afternoon at the lake. I launched at the channel this time.
May is finally opening up like a reluctant bloom. The day was sunny and warm. I paddled across the channel to John's Cove.
It was breezy at first, but not windy. There were no rises or jumping fish that I could see, so I went to work with an indicator and some flies I had tied Monday afternoon, some more soft hackles and nymphs. The nymphs got no response. So I tried one of the soft hackles and caught this pretty little fish.
It wasn't long before the breeze began to work itself into a wind, and it blew steadily the rest of the day.
I considered leaving early--I'm way over my wind quota for this Spring--but then it shifted a few points to the north and allowed a calm area to form in the lee of this shoreline.
This is a great shoreline, and I have caught many very nice fish along here. Caddis tend to hatch heavily up there at the bend, and Lidia caught her 20 incher there on a Caddis pattern. I've also had some luck here early with nymphs and indicators. So I paddled over.
What a relief to get out of the wind. I simply basked in the warm sun for awhile, my mind adrift like a last year's leaf.
Some little trout began chasing midges, so I went back to work. I fished a long leader under the indicator, hoping to find some big boys laying low off the dropoff. I had tied the soft hackle back on after fishing some nymphs for awhile. I let it wind drift for awhile, then began moving the indicator a couple of feet to raise the fly and let it drop again.
This little guy fell for it.
Then it was flippers off and back to my other life...for awhile.

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