Sunday, May 9, 2010

Three-On-Three B-Ball Tourney

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It's part of the May Day festivities in a neighboring town, a three-on-three double elimination basketball tournament that draws lots of teams of all ages. Isaiah and Jeremiah both pulled friends together to form teams.
Jeremiah's team lost the first game, won the second in a thriller with a last minute bomb, and then lost the third. Check out number 55 in the photos of Jeremiah's game. He's the same age as J, or is supposed to be, but he's huge. He dominated them in the first loss, but they really played him tough in their second meeting and made it close before finally going down to their final defeat.
Isaiah's team lost the first game, then won two in a row. Then they played a team made up of eighth graders and got schooled. At least it was a team from their own school, so there's a good chance they'll all be on the same team in school play this winter, where their lessons will benefit them all.
Both boys played hard, played really well, and played all afternoon long. They were exhausted; we were proud.

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