Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Fishing Report: Good News, Bad News

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I fished today for a couple of hours. I went up to the Cutthroat lake after work and fished from the bank. It was breezy, but not windy, and the sun kept me warm even in the cool temperatures.
The good news is that the Cutts were cruising along the dropoff just five or six feet from the bank, and some were coming up sporadically to take things off the top. I saw a few of what looked suspiciously like Callibaetis coming off the water. I tried to get a closer look at one but a swallow deftly, beautifully, plucked it off the surface without a ripple.
The bad news is that I didn't catch anything. But I enjoyed myself immensely trying to time my casts to get Micro Leeches, and then dries, in front of the cruising fish. If it would warm up a little the Callibaetis may start hatching in earnest. I have very good memories of bank fishing at this lake when they were hatching in clouds, and big Cutts were rising all over the place to the duns.
Ah, memories. There was this 18 incher that bore down for the deepest part of the lake and took me into my backing. And there was this 22 incher that sipped my dry in three feet of water and thrashed the shallows into foam before I was finally able to move her up onto shore.
I plan to go back tomorrow afternoon again. Friday I hope to get back to my favorite lake for--dare I say it?--a whole day.
I bet I just jinxed it.

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