Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Fishing Report: The "W Word"

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I spent a half day at the lake today. I took the canoe this time. My waders are pretty much blown out, and after freezing in the float tube last time and getting wet in the process I was in the mood for as dry and warm as possible.
The waders are Allens--new brand--and my brother John picked them up for me at the Denver show a year and a half ago for twenty bucks. Introductory offer. Hello. Good bye. I sealed the seams a few months ago, so I don't think it's worth doing again. Now these "new" waders leak worse than my old ones. So I'll break out the old ones and take some seam sealer to them.
I should be ready to go when the warm weather hits. Should be any month now.
Here's a glimpse of what I see as I start to climb toward the lake. Look how fast those clouds are moving.
And here's the lake shortly after I launched. Hey, wait a minute. It was calm as could be just a minute ago.
There were still a few fish working when I got there, the tail end of the morning rise, apparently. I caught this shiny fellow, and then hooked an even bigger one and got him all the way to the canoe before the fly popped out. Dang.
Then--but I'm not going to say the "W word."
It got slow. For a long time. I paddled around to a few different spots--with difficulty--and found it slow there, too. I got a couple takes, but the--the thing--made it difficult to keep a belly out of the line, so both times my hookups were weak, the fish swam toward me creating more slack before I could get a tight line on them, and off they went.
So I took a break and watched some Spring Azures wisely staying out of the--the "W word."
I stayed at it after that, and have to admit I enjoyed watching the play of light and shadow on the ridges and mountains as the--the "W word" blew the clouds along. It was something to do.
Then, just when I had to leave, the--that thing--backed off and fish started working. I finally got a solid hookup and netted this one.
It looked like maybe it was going to stay calm for awhile, maybe the rest of the evening. Just when I had to leave. So I stayed an extra ten minutes hoping for just one more trout--that never came. Then, just when I decided I really had to go, the dang "W word" kicked up again and made my paddle back to the truck way more challenging than necessary.
I don't make this stuff up.
Now I'm going to hit the sack so I can get up earlier and get there with plenty of time to fish before the--well, you know.

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