Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Fishing Report: They're In There

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Nice afternoon. Sporadic light wind, shifting and swirling. Helped me cover the water.
A few sprinkles and one nice Spring shower. Sun showers, too. Beautiful clouds shape-shifting overhead.
They're in there. More cruisers right along that dropoff. Sporadic risers, both deep and shallow. Once saw a double rise. That got me going. Then a single fish, a long slashing rise, coming up two times in quick succession.
Then nothing. For a long quiet stretch until the next single rise. Way over there.
Lots of midges. Could have been that. Some Callibaetis. Could have been that. Mess with the fisher guy. Could have been that.
Tried under an indicator: beadhead leech; pheasant tail soft hackle; Callibaetis nymph; pheasant tail nymph.
Tried on top: a little Adams; a little Parachute Adams. The swallows liked these. I got four takes. No hookups.
Next time: Stimulators.
Yep, they're in there. Still.

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