Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wednesday Fishing Report: There They Go

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I went back to the Cutthroat lake for a couple of hours today. I have morning office hours so I can swing by the lake for a little bank fishing before other duties call me away.
It was a beautiful, warm day, and there were more Callibaetis hatching, and plenty of midges.
As usual, I spent the time gazing into the green depths watching for cruisers.
There were plenty of them, but, as usual, they were hard to figure out. There was the occasional rise and swirl of some big fish, but they were infrequent and random. I think they're too intent on spawning right now to get into feeding patterns. I tried a variety of offerings, on top and below, but couldn't get any interest.
This pair, hen and buck, were typical. Here they come...
And there they go. I did manage to turn the heads of a few. I got one to nudge an Adams, and another to come up and refuse it outright.
Then there was the one who came eagerly toward a nymph as I moved it under an indicator, but he turned away and began to swim on down the shoreline. So I made a cast in front of him, and he came up and took--the indicator.
That's when I finally tied on a big, meaty Stimulator and tried that awhile. But to no avail.
Next time: I tie a hook on the indicator.

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