Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Basketball Report: First Games

The boys had their opening games last night, something they, and their parents, look forward to. It's nice to watch them play a sport indoors where it's warm. The boys have their games on the same night, a problem for my present memory card and camera battery. Jeremiah is on the seventh grade team, and they play first. Isaiah's eighth grade team closes out the evening's entertainment.

Jeremiah and his team had a hard time of it with a much taller team. They were also handicapped by the fact that three of their starters were ineligible because of grades--including the coach's son. Still, they played hard and persevered even though they were frustrated at every turn. Maybe you can see it in Jeremiah in these clips. He made the right moves, had good shot selection, but either got stuffed by a much bigger man, or rushed his shot.
After the game I complimented him on his play and offered a high five. He refused, and said, "I sucked!" He takes his sports seriously. But I think he felt better after going over the videos, something he loves to do; and he's ready for game two tomorrow. Even though it will be a different team, think payback.

Isaiah has been fighting off a sore throat and cold, but he played last night. His team led after the first half, but their opponent finally outlasted them for a close win.
Isaiah played well in spite of not being a hundred percent healthy, and it's amazing how much difference a year makes in the play of eighth graders compared to seventh graders. Isaiah was the leading rebounder for his team, and seems to have finally figured out how to box out an opponent.
He was happy with his performance--except for his shooting. Tonight, though, his throat was killing him. We'll see if he'll be able to play tomorrow night.

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