Friday, November 19, 2010

Fire Time

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It has been a fairly mild fall, so much so that we have managed without a fire in the wood stove. A few strategically placed electric baseboard heaters have seen us through the chillier nights.
But now....well, looks like another turn in the weather.

Snow Showers
36° | 27°
Snow Showers
35° | 21°
Snow Showers
27° | 15°
Partly Cloudy
24° | 14°

Someone told me today that they heard it was going to get down to zero next week.
Now that's gettin' down.
So I cranked up a fire tonight. Very nice indeed. Feel free to bask for awhile in its warmth.

Oh, and I still hope to get out for a little river fishing, assuming it's not completely ice locked. Nice to know I'll have a fire to thaw myself out by when I straggle home.

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  1. Its this time of year that Im glad I live in the south. I have already lit a fire in the fireplace already though....those squirles in their now chared nest were not to happy about.