Thursday, November 4, 2010

River Report: Transformation

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This has been one of the more beautiful autumns we have experienced here, as the world transforms itself once again, summer to fall, beauty to beauty. The river this evening was a beautiful part of it all.
I knew I wouldn't be able to get there early enough to do any real fishing, but there was another reason to go: time to make the transformation.
I hung up my 4 weight and got down the 6 weight. I went through the vest and sorted through the fly boxes. Some I put away until next spring, some I reorganized and consolidated, taking out some flies and adding others. I dug into a drawer and pulled out some boxes that I had put away last spring.
When I waded into the river the lake fisher was once again a river fisher, and once I got my wading legs under me again, and found the rhythm of that 6 weight with a sink tip and big weighted fly, the transformation was complete.
I saw two big rises that made it all the easier to form that mental search image of steelhead. I tried out a couple of new flies on two passes through the bridge run. I caught leaves rather than fish. This time.
A new season begins, and I'm ready.

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