Friday, November 19, 2010

Basketball Report: Honey Bees and Butter

Jeremiah told us after last night's game that his coach said, "You guys looked like pygmies out there!" Another team that towered over them and got the win. But, again, our guys had their moments, especially on defense. There were times it looked like honey bees swarming a bunch of lumbering bears.
Jeremiah finally made some points. He also got a taste of playing point guard. He liked it. Sounds like Coach is going to let him play that position some more.

Isaiah played, even though his throat was still sore. The eighth graders didn't have to deal with the size differential that the seventh graders did, and our guys won convincingly. Isaiah too, like Jeremiah, finally started to find the range, but he missed more than he made.
But, if you will indulge a proud father, he's like butter out there.

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