Friday, November 19, 2010

For Our Non-Effeminate Readers

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I couldn't resist sharing this with you. This is a piece out of Favorite Flies and Their Histories, by Mary Orvis Marbury (1899). The Orvises, like many sporting writers of the day, were savvy marketers, and included in their books personal testimonials by fishermen from all over the country.
This one is written by a Montanan who has "never cast a fly east of the Rocky Mountains," and who calls himself "Tamarack," presumably after his first beloved home made fly rod.
Trust me, this is great stuff, and provides a tantalizing glimpse of fly fishing in the paradise that was the Wild West. I think you'll like it. (Remember, you can click the page for a full size view.)
Money Quote (and barely veiled threat):
"Kid glove and 4 1/2 ounce ryestraw anglers I am not writing for, neither do I want them to agree with me. When a man is so effeminate as to use such light rods, and then worry the rod maker for something lighter, he had better stay at home. The trout stream is unhealthy for him."

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