Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Scouting Trip

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You might remember these guys, Jeremiah and his friends Juan and Brian, and their little brother Fernando. They had some great days last summer fishing and swimming in the local warm water lake.

This evening they were excited to go back there on a little scouting expedition of their own. They found the whole east end ice free, a big change from when I passed by here just a day ago. And they were sure they were seeing fish, although I could never see them when they pointed them out to me.

They had gone with me to load up a bin of apple wood, something to get us through the last remaining cold nights. That took us right by the lake.

They knew they were going to get pizza as a reward for their good work, and they were excited about that, too. But they were more than willing to postpone pizza for a chance to "bond" again with the lake.

You know, I didn't strike these poses the other day when I checked out that early season trout lake. But I think I felt exactly the way they did this evening about all the fun ahead.

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