Thursday, March 31, 2011

Out Like a Perfect Lamb

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It took us all by surprise. Suddenly yesterday the temperature climbed past the seventy degree mark. Today it was right back up there. That, in case you've forgotten, is actually warm. So March, after coming in like a lion, is going out like a perfect lamb.

It inspired me so much that after work today I took the long way home past my favorite lake. I was pleased to find no trace of ice, just a lake already turning on. Birds, butterflies, midges and assorted bugs...

And, best of all, a few fish actually working. It felt like a miracle.

That was really nice. The early season lake opens tomorrow and I'll get there sometime soon. I also plan to hit some new spots on the river; people are still catching Steelhead.

But boy, after today my heart is already out there with those holdovers. I feel a bond with them, one survivor to another.

Less than a month now before I can once again take my place in their lives.

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  1. your pictures show my favorite sign that spring is emerging-- actual *color* slowly creeping back into the landscape. happy spring!

    p.s. it's been snowing here. just for the record. enjoy your heat wave. :)