Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nothing But Good Times and a Long, Hot Summer Ahead

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Funny how things work out sometimes. I didn't expect to go fishing today, but this afternoon Jeremiah and his buddies started begging to go. I know where they're coming from. We went.

The day was beautiful; 55 degrees.

And windy. I had advised jackets before we left but somehow that concept never computes with Jeremiah. So he thought maybe he could get under the wind. All the time we were there he would say to me, "Move, you're in my sun!"

The boys weren't the only ones who heard the call of the lake today. Three people were out in a little boat, and then our friend Jake showed up. He's a big time bass guy and this was his shakedown cruise for the season.

He uses big plugs and pulls out five, six, seven pounders on a regular basis.

He didn't touch anything today--mainly he cruised up and down the lake at sixty miles an hour.

The boys didn't touch anything either. But they told stories about last summer. They said over and over how much they could hardly wait to jump in and swim. Mainly, they were there again with a fishing rod in their hands. The season has begun.

There's nothing but good times and a long, hot summer ahead.

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