Friday, March 18, 2011

From the "There's More To Life Than Fishing" File

When I said last night that there was a chance of rain today I should have added "and a chance of kids." The rain held off, the kids came on. Isaiah and Kim left for yet another AAU tournament this afternoon, so, being on kid duty here for the weekend, I didn't get to the river.

Right now, Jeremiah is upstairs with two friends who will be staying the night. They finished their pizza a little while ago, and just dragged sleeping bags and blankets out of the bedroom, so they'll be killing zombies most of the night with a few sleep breaks to keep them going.

Lidia, meanwhile, went to a movie with friends, so I've been downstairs on my own. That's just fine. Instead of a steady drone of Spanish novellas from the downstairs TV--and someone is always yelling or crying hysterically on those things--I was able to settle in for some NCAA tournament action.

I'm not a rabid Husky fan (get it?), but having lived here for almost five years I have developed some home state loyalty, so I greatly enjoyed Washington's last-second win over Arizona in the PAC10 tournament, and was glad to see them advance to the Sweet Sixteen tonight.

I don't feel I'm at the level of commitment to allow me to shout, "Go dawgs!" So I'll just say, "Go, dogs."

Round 2: #10 Georgia 65 - #7 Washington 68

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Mar 1812T
Bracket-Live video
Sweet Sixteen: @ #7 North Carolina Tar Heels, Mar 20 12:15pm ET

We'll see how they do against the Tarheels. But win or lose, I'll still be watching--if Lidia and I can work out our TV schedules--as the tournament winds down to the championship game. If the Huskies fall by the wayside, I'll find some underdog to root for.

Of course, I'll still be watching for fishing windows. Monday looks good right now.

But, all in all, it's a pretty good time to not be able to get to the river.

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