Monday, March 7, 2011

Crossing Over

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I learned on Sunday that the local trout lake I thought would open on April 1 actually opened on March 1. I didn't have a chance to check it out, but word is that it's still ice-covered.

But suddenly my timetable has been moved up. I'll take that. I'd rather be waiting for the natural process of ice out than for an abstract date on the calendar.

The trout fishing in that lake early in the season last year was poor. But...this is a new season. Time to be thinking about the canoe. 

Meanwhile, I did drive past the bass lake. It lies east-west, and to the west it's still covered in slushy ice.

To the east, though, it's opening up fast. When I was there a few of the twenty or so swans were right up next to the road.

The Red winged blackbirds were singing like crazy on Sunday morning, and in the evening I heard Robins starting their evening serenades, and Killdeer slicing the air with their cries.

I think we've crossed over to the other side.

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