Friday, March 11, 2011

Band Update: Jack Black Day

Click on photos for full size image.
Today the band met Jack Black, marched at Disneyland, and had dinner with him there. No word on whether he marched with them as Drum Major.

The photos are cell phone pics that I took off the band blog and tried to resize. Not so good. I hope someone there is actually taking some good photos.

Here's the band with Jack. Isaiah is on the far left. 

And here are the chaperons with Jack. Notice whose wife got close enough to reach out and touch someone.

UPDATE: I talked to Kim tonight, and she said that Jack Black did not march with the band as Drum Major, but that he marched behind the band pushing a stroller with his two little kids. She said he's real nice, and that they got to meet his wife, too.

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